Machine Design / Cad Cam

CAD Image 1

All machines made by Automation Development are custom designed using 3D solid modeling on our cad workstations. Machine configuration/layout is presented to the customer for review and critique before any manufacturing begins. Since our CAD stations are tied to our machining centers we can produce quality parts with a minimum of scrap and effort. This translates to lower initial costs and lower costs for replacement or upgrade tooling. All machine and tooling design work is digital and backed up to an archive system so that we can retrieve and reproduce tooling designs and provide our customers with replacement parts quickly and efficiently.

CAD Image 1 CAD Image 2 CAD Image 3

Conveying information between the the customer and the supplier is key to a successful project, 3D Solid Models allow us to better communicate the machine design to our customer and once the design is approved there is a smooth transition to our CNC and CAM systems.

Hopper Image Hopper CAD

Machine documentation is also enhanced with assembly drawings which aid the customer when replacement parts are needed..