Machine Shop

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Automation Development prides itself on our ability to manufacture the tooling for our machines in our own facility. We also can manufacture customer tooling designs. This gives our customers single source accountability the entire machine building process as well as future modifications and upgrades.

We have a full service tool room and machine shop that we have opened to outside work for tooling, fixtures, short runs, production, and fast turn around machine shop services. Most short run jobs are turned around in 2 weeks or less. Our capabilities include CNC milling and turning for precise and repeatable higher volume parts, as well as conventional milling and turning for "one up" or highly customized parts.

By utilizing CAD/CAM software we can usually offer a significant cost savings if you have CAD files or data on your parts. This also allows us to handle complex geometry including 3 axis surface or contour milling. We also do our own grinding, polishing and honing work. This means we have very fine control our machining process.

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Automation Development fabricates our own machine bases, vibratory feed rails, guard frames, sound enclosures using our in house welding and machining capabilities. This ensures function, fit and finish that our customers require and allows us to quickly adapt to changes in product requirements.