Assembly Inline With Molding Machines

Molding facilities with high volumes and/or where space is at a premium can benefit from assembly machines which receive parts directly from the mold machine. This allows reductions in labor for parts handling, reduces part damage due to unneeded handling and reduces the quantity of work in process for a truly lean operation.

Chassis based machines are a good option for assembly inline with molding operations as they use a rectangular footprint which allows placement closer to the molding equipment. They provide more design flexibility and much better operator access than what is practical on a rotary dial system. Typical speeds for these systems range from 10-30 cycles per minute with pneumatic pick and places to 50 cycles per minute or higher with mechanical, cam driven pick and places. Higher throughputs are achieved by tooling multiple parts and making multiple assemblies per cycle.

Fully Tooled Chassis Indexing Machine Inline With Molding Robot

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Assembly Machine w/ Molder
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