Continuous Motion Style Machines

Continuous Motion assembly machines offer the ultimate in high speed assembly. Throughputs of 200 to 400 parts per minute are typical with even higher rates achievable in some cases. These machines achieve high rates of speed by not wasted time indexing a part from station to station. Parts are assembled in one continuous fluid motion.

Continuous motion assembly machines are best utilized for dedicated products running extended periods. The complexity of the tooling for these machines and precise setup needed to run smoothly means trying to run many part families can be difficult. Change tooling can be designed for variations in a product line but this needs to be evaluated on a case by case basis.

While continuous motion machines are higher priced they do provide impressive throughput rates over rotary or chassis style assembly machines.

CAD Image
Continuous Motion Machine CAD Model
Machine Image
Continuous Motion Assembly Machine

Fully Tooled Continuous Motion Machine

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